Sycamore Engineering is totally committed to protecting people, property, and the environment. We firmly believe that, with the continuous dedication of all Sycamore Engineering employees and subcontractors, all safety, health, and environmental incidents can be prevented.


Within each Sycamore Engineering division, and at each project site, management at all levels implements and fully supports Sycamore Engineering’s safety, health, and environmental systems. Management always provides the systems and the resources necessary to ensure a safe and healthful work site and provides safety, health, and environmental training for our employees. Similarly, all Sycamore Engineering personnel will be committed to Sycamore Engineering safety, health, and environmental systems, and compliance with regulatory requirements; if these requirements cannot be met, the job will not be started. Accordingly, on Sycamore Engineering jobsites, the pressure to complete a job on time must not compromise safety, health, or the environment.


At Sycamore Engineering sites, pre-job safety planning is conducted before starting any job or task.


All Sycamore Engineering employees are responsible for working safely and assisting their coworkers in preventing injuries and illnesses. Compliance with Sycamore Engineering safety policies, rules, and procedures and regulatory requirements is a condition of employment with the company. Management supports employees in their right and their responsibility to question the adequacy of safety and health provisions and to provide their input to management on hazard identification and safety systems that are used within the company.


Sycamore Engineering’s employees and subcontractor workers are unquestionably its most valuable asset, and as such, our commitment to a safe and healthful workplace and the full involvement of employees in our safety and health systems is strongly encouraged. Sycamore Engineering is totally supportive of the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and its elements that lead to safety and health excellence. As such, our safety and health systems have been developed to mirror key elements of that OSHA program.


Tom Dinkel,
President and CEO